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2015+ Subaru WRX FA20DIT M142 PNP Kit

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•M142 – M142 ECU 

•SUBARU WRX 15-19 HARN – Adapter loom 

•M LTC – LTC LSU 4.9
         *LTC NTK may be specified at time of order 

•M 0258 001 – Bosch Motorsport LSU 4.9 sensor 


•23419 – M1 LIC – SUBARU WRX FA20DIT 

     The license is required to run the Subaru WRX FA20DIT package in the M142 ECU. 

Subaru WRX 15-19
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This kit provides a complete replacement for the factory Subaru ECU. It utilizes the existing vehicle wiring and sensors to deliver plug-in convenience. Using an integration patch harness and MoTeC M142 ECU the kit delivers fully programmable engine control to the platform while maintaining stock vehicle systems functionality. The M1 ECU is supplied with firmware preloaded and is based on MoTeC’s GPR-DI package with additional features unique to the 2015+ Subaru FA20 WRX and motorsport demands.

The kit comprises of the M142 ECU, “Plug-N-Play” patch harness, MoTeC LTC and LSU 4.9 lambda sensor.

Along with fuel, ignition and camshaft control this kit also supports other OE ECU features, including:

Push button start

Air conditioner control

High and low speed fan control

Fuel lift pump control

Cruise control

Alternator control

Brake vacuum pump control

The supplied start file contains all the calibrations and settings for the sensors, direct fuel injectors, ignition coils, knock control, throttle servo, camshafts, alternator control and fuel lift pump control. Settings for fuel delivery, ignition timing and camshaft phasing have been calibrated to a vehicle using common “bolt on” parts. This saves a significant amount of time by shortcutting the setup process. Users can begin tuning to their desired power and modifications right away with the assurance of a safe base tune. Note: Factory tumble generator valves (TGVs), Eye-Sight and CVT are not supported. The TGVs must be removed prior to the installation of this kit.

Included are many ancillary features commonly found on race cars such as anti-lag, rolling launch, driver switches, gearbox control, knock control, intercooler spray-bars, launch control, coolant pumps, and traction control.

The product fully integrates with other MoTeC devices, providing pre-defined CAN messaging for all current Displays/Loggers, LTC’s, E888, VCS, GPS, ADR, BR2, PDMs and SLMs.



Data acquisition of numerous factory sensors off the factory CAN Bus, including Longitudinal Acceleration, Yaw Rate, Steering Angle, Wheel Speeds, Brake Pressure.

Pre-configured calibrations for Original Equipment sensors.

Pre-configured reference mode for engine synchronization.

Pre-configured physical settings for engine displacement, fuel density, stoichiometric ratio, fuel pressure and injector characterization which allows for simplified engine start-up prior to tuning.

Pre-configured settings for ethanol fuel density, ethanol stoichiometric ratio to allow fuel blending (“flex fuel”).

Powerful Efficiency Model based on AlphaN with boost using inlet manifold pressure, inlet air temperature, exhaust pressure and boost pressure allowing for a wide array of modifications from single throttle body with intake plenum to boost over trumpets.

Pre-configured Engine Efficiency map that allows for quick and easy tuning.

Pre-configured secondary (port injector) fuel control with tuneable balance table. Note: Only saturated (high-ohm) secondary injectors are supported.

Optional Flex Fuel using an ethanol composition sensor allows for ethanol composition blending including integration of the Fuel Temperature reading provided by the sensor.

Optional Water/Methanol injection system with fail-safes to provide additional fueling.

Pre-configured throttle rate of change based transient fuel for simplified transient fuel tuning.

Engine Load Average channel with tables for engine speed limit, ignition trim, fuel mixture aim and throttle limit.

Pre-configured ignition output and coil settings.

Pre-configured individual cylinder knock system with multiple knock level control modes, non-linear decay, ability to mask out noise on initial knock detection (to help filter noise) and a retained knock level that can be used to apply a global knock trim to compensate for fuel quality.

Pre-configured camshaft control of inlet and exhaust cams.

Pre-configured engine start fuel, idle and ignition settings.

Pre-configured Closed Loop Idle control systems using ignition and drive by wire actuation, including active adjustments for coolant and air conditioning activation.

Pre-configured boost control via factory wastegate solenoid and factory turbocharger.

Boost control system with targets based on Engine Speed, Gear, Flex Content, Throttle Position, Driver Mode Switch, Coolant Temperature, Engine Load Average, Exhaust Temperature, Race Time, Inlet Air Temperature and Vehicle Speed.

Optionally configurable turbocharger bypass control.

Intercooler temperature and spray control.

Supports nitrous with two activation stages and additional fuel pumps, bottle heater control and pressure sensor.

Configurable Launch Control with anti-lag containing tables for engine speed, throttle limit, boost aim and closed loop ignition timing control as well Spool Mode to optimize turbocharger response at the starting line.

Pre-stage setting for Launch Control.

Traction Control. Closed loop system featuring the ability to use alternate wheel speed inputs for differential ground speed control. Ability to control engine torque using ignition timing, fuel cut, ignition cut and drive by wire throttle using a flexible user- configurable strategy.

Pre-configured OE coolant fan control.

Pre-configured OE alternator control.

Pre-configured OE fuel lift pump control.

Pre-configured OE brake vacuum pump control.

Pre-configured air conditioner control.

Pre-configured Gear detection with simplified Gear Estimate table.

Gearbox shift support with ignition cut, fuel cut, throttle blip and engine speed matching in forward gears.

Transmission pump output with differential temperature threshold and hysteresis control.

Pre-configured Drive by Wire throttle servo control.

Pre-configured Throttle Pedal sensor with translation table based on stability control mode (On, Track, Off).

Configurable driver switches for various systems.

Vehicle speed limiting (pit speed control).

Gauge hijack for the factory Accelerator Pedal gauge allowing display of Throttle Pedal, Throttle Position, Flex Content, Oil Temperature and Oil Pressure.

Mode switching via factory cruise control dial using the engine speed read out as the mode indicator.

Configurable pulsed tachometer output.

Pre-configured vehicle speed measurement using wheel speed sensors.

Setting to double the resolution of the factory Boost Pressure gauge.

Downshift Rev Matching feature utilizing factory sensors and standard 6 speed manual transmission.

Adjustable fuel economy gauge calibration

Subaru DCCD control using open loop or closed loop current control strategy.

Factory MIL indicator-based shift light.

Pre-configured No Lift Shift ignition timing and cut based strategy for the stock 6 speed manual gearbox.

Differential pump output with differential temperature threshold and hysteresis control.

Pre-configured warning system that activate the factory MIL indicator on the dash.

Test settings for most outputs, including injection and ignition outputs for easier setup.

Exhaust Pressure based engine efficiency compensation table.


Race time system with tables for ignition trim, fuel mixture aim and throttle limit.

Engine run time total for engine hour logging.

GPS acquisition and logging via CAN or RS232.

Support of MoTeC devices: ADR, E8XX, PDM, SLM, VCS.

ECU CAN Receive from other MoTeC devices.

ECU CAN Transmit of most common channels using standard MoTeC CAN templates.

Configurable security for multiple users with differing access options.

Support for the RaceGrade IMU.

Turbocharger Speed, Inlet and Outlet Temperature.

Wastegate Pressure and Position.

Wheel Speed (preconfigured).



Reference Mode: The M1 Reference Mode in this Package is locked to the Subaru WRX DIT pattern.
ECU Power: The M1 ECU will be powered only when the ignition switch is on via the Key On relay in the patch harness.

Engine Start: The OE “Key” and “Push Button” start vehicles are supported by the MoTeC solution. The appropriate setting should be indicated in the Subaru Starter section in M1 Tune.
Driver Switches: Various in-car dials and switches are acquired over the CAN Bus and assigned to Firmware resources to allow for mode switching in the ECU. See the Help for the main Subaru group in M1 Tune.
Staged Injection (Port Injectors): An 8 pin DTM connector is included that contains 12v power and outputs to run saturated port injectors. To utilize this connection the 2 pin DTM connector in the patch harness must be disconnected. This will free up the final output and disable the Subaru Starter Accessory Cut feature.
Spares: The integration harness includes a 12 pin DTM where additional resources can be pinned.