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Ford ECU Pins - SMALL

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Ford ECU Header Pins - SMALL

These ECU pins are used on many Ford vehicles from 2011-2024.  There are 2 pin types for these connectors, large and small.  We list both.

This is just the pins, sold individually, no connector.

A good example would be the Mustang, but they fit almost every model.  The last image on this listing is meant to verify the style of connector these are meant to fit.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Looking to build your own harness for your Ford ECU/PCM?  We sell these common ecu connectors both as a kit and individually.  These kits include the "B"(Body) and "E"(Engine) connector, as well as all the pins you will need to populate them.

The individual connectors are available at here: "E" Connector and "B" Connector