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JEM-Sport EcoBoost Power Steering Kit

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One drawback to using Ford's Ecoboost engines as a powerplant in any swap is Ford's reliance on electric steering racks. While perfect for mom's kid hauler, they reduce overall steering feel and are less predictable, less than ideal for motorsport applications.

Our Power Steering Kit will allow for mounting a BMW LF-30 hydraulic power steering pump to any Ecoboost 2.3L or 2.0L engine for your swap. Perfect for retaining your project's hydraulic rack system, our kit accompanied with a reservoir and lines is all you need to preserve the steering feel and precision you're used to! 

Kit Contents:
JEM-Sport Power Steering Pump Bracket
LF-30 Power Steering Pump and Pulley
Dayco Belt
Does not include lines or reservoir. All projects are different and have different clearance requiremenets. Power steering lines and reservoir must be sourced independently.