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JEM-Sport Ecoboost to CD009 Transmission Adapter Kit

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Our Ecoboost-to-CD009 kit is in the works!  We hope to have the first batch done early 2023. 

Pre-order now to save your spot in line and receive the best deal!

These images are from our popular Ecoboost-to-ZF adapter kit for now.

This is a complete kit to adapt any Ford Ecoboost 2.3L or 2.0L engine to a Nissan CD009 manual transmission.

This JEM-Sport Ecoboost-to-CD adapter kit includes:

  • Bell Housing Adapter
  • Custom Flywheel
  • Pilot Bearing
  • Alignment dowels
  • Adapter-to-Engine Hardware
  • Adapter-to-Transmission Hardware


Our adapter plate is designed to work with the Nissan 6 Speed CD transmissions found in any Nissan 350Z or G35.     

Our kit will also work with the 2.0L, 2.3L, and 2.5L Duratec and MZR engines.

Buy with confidence!  If you have any issues for any reason at all, let us know!  We want to help you complete your project.  If it turns out you purchased something from us that you no longer need, simply send it back for a refund.

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