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The heart and soul of our tuning process, the Mustang AWD500 Dynamometer

Dyno Stats


Our Mustang Dynamometer features precision machined and dynamically balanced drums and measures up to 3000hp. In configurable 2WD and AWD modes we are able to test any vehicle. With a large air moving system we are able to keep your ride and our tuner cool and breathing fresh, crisp air.

Custom Tuning


We offer outstanding tuning support to squeeze every last horsepower from your build with a focus on drivability and reliability.


Our tuning support includes: Cobb Accessport, HP Tuners, Ecutek, Holley, Haltech, Link ECU, ECUMasters, and MoTeC.

Why we chose Mustang Dynamometer


We chose the Mustang AWD500 because of the consistency and the accuracy. You're not going to find any made up numbers here! We feel that accuracy is key in realistically acheiving your goals.

Testing, R&D, and Contract


We offer baseline testing, research and development sessions as well as private contract sessions. We've collaborated with many motorsport teams and upscale tuning houses and have no issues maintaining confidientiality when it matters most.