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G4X Xtreme ECU + Terminated LS Engine Harness Drive-by-Wire Bundle

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The quickest, easiest, tidiest and most cost effective way to connect a Link ECU to your Drive-by-Wire LS V8 engine.

Bundle Includes:

*Notes for use with Gen 4 Engines

  1. A cam sensor harness extension will be needed to accommodate the Gen 4 LS front mounted cam sensor.
  2. A small modification is required to the crank sensor connector. See “crank connector” section in installation manual for details.
  3. Injector Connector Adapters to USCar connector will be required for most Gen 4 Engines. Check your injector connector to confirm. Use Link PN 101-0287
  4. To support Gen 4 factory knock sensors you will require the Link LS Gen 4 Knock Adapter Loom (PN 101-0306)
  5. To support the factory Gen 4 MAP sensor you will require a Link LS Map Adapter Loom plus a Gen 3 to Gen 4 MAP sensor extension harness (alternatively you can use a Link MAP sensor which is directly supported by the harness)