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JEM-Sport Ecoboost to ZF Transmission Adapter Kit - 6 Speed

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It's finally here!  The EcoBoost to BMW Transmission Adapter!

This is a complete kit to adapt any Ford Ecoboost 2.3L or 2.0L engine to a BMW manual transmission.

Our kit is tested along with Chelsea DeNofa and his Ecoboost swapped Foxbody Mustang.

This JEM-Sport Ecoboost-to-ZF adapter kit includes:

  • Bell Housing Adapter
  • Billet ZF6 Flywheel
  • Pilot Bearing
  • Alignment dowels
  • Adapter-to-Engine Hardware
  • Adapter-to-Transmission Hardware

Paired with our E36 or E46 engine mount kit, you can simply retain your factory transmission, trans mounts and driveshaft.  This saves considerable cost compared to other swaps.  In most cases, the EcoBoost engine you purchase will already have the turbo, intake and exhaust manifolds, wiring harness and ECU.  Making for a fairly straight-forward swap!  

Any single-mass clutch kit that you would normally purchase for your respective transmission will work with our flywheels.  However, we are putting together some unique clutch kit solutions for various racing applications soon. 

This kit places the Ecoboost engine on an angle, towards the exhaust side.  This makes the EB engine a more compact package, and is how we have designed all of our chassis-specific mount kits. 

If you are looking for an adapter that will place the engine at 0-degrees, we offer that 6-speed kit as well HERE.

Our adapter plate is designed to work with the BMW ZF 5 speed, BMW Getrag 5 speed, and BMW ZF 6 speed transmissions found in any 6 cylinder BMW E36, E46, E90 and Z3.     

Our kit will also work with the 2.0L, 2.3L, and 2.5L Duratec and MZR engines.

If you are in need of a clutch as well, check out our new JEM-Sport Clutch Kit here.

Buy with confidence!  If you have any issues for any reason at all, let us know!  We want to help you complete your project.  If it turns out you purchased something from us that you no longer need, simply send it back for a refund.