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JEM-Sport 2.3L EcoBoost Swap Wiring Harness - COMPLETE

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COMPLETE Ecoboost Swap Control Pack Wiring Harness and Fuse Box Kit by JEM-Sport.

Looking for the Ford control pack?  or the 2.3L or 2.0L Ecoboost crate engine ECM?  We have the solution for running your crate Ecoboost, plug and play!

This kit includes a chassis-side wiring harness and fuse box, as well as the engine-side wiring harness, neccessary for the Ford 2.3L Ecoboost engine swap into any chassis.  This will include all of the wiring you need to run your Ecoboost engine.  We use all new components.  All wire, pins, connectors, everything is brand new.

Our wiring harness will take care of everything.  The Ecoboost ECU has two main connectors.  One primarily for the engine harness, and one primarily for power distrubution and chassis connections.  This product listing is for both harnesses, terminated to the OEM Ford 4 cylinder Ecoboost ECU/PCM.  This wiring harness is designed around the 2015-2017 Mustang ECU connectors.

You can place your ECU inside the cabin!  We design our complete wiring harnesses with the concept of installing your ECU inside the car, as opposed to the factory engine harness and control pack harnesses requiring the ECU be mounted in the engine bay.  

You have the option above to include an Ecoboost ECU with our unlock service already complete.  These ECU's are brand new units from Ford.  Although, in some high-demand cases, a refurbished and tested ECU may be needed.

This harness will allow connections for these key functions and more:

  • Power distribution
  • Fuse box
  • OBD2 port
  • Accelerator pedal
  • Clutch and/or brake switch
  • Ignition switch
  • Start switch
  • DI Injectors
  • Ignition Coils
  • Cam Positon
  • Crank Position
  • VVT Solenoids
  • E-Throttle Motor
  • MAP - Manifold Pressure Sensor
  • TIP - Throttle Inlet Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • PCV - Crankcase Pressure Sensor
  • Engine Coolant Temp
  • Cylinder head temp
  • EBCS - Electronic Boost Control Solenoid
  • Alternator Control
  • and more


We offer several different wiring solutions:

  1. The JEM-Sport "Chassis-Side" patch harness for people planning to keep the OEM Ford engine harness and ECU.
  2. The JEM-Sport "Engine-Side" harness for people who simply need a quality replacement engine wiring harness.
  3. The JEM-Sport "Complete Wiring Solution" for chassis and engine, available with or without an ECU/PCM ready to start your Ecoboost engine!  (The product you are currently viewing.)

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    Great product

    Posted by Marcus McNew - Instagram : @Ecodrift2.3 on 12th Feb 2024

    This ecu and harness made it very simple to get my project up and running with very little headache. The included instructions are very detailed and simple to follow.