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JEM-Sport Standalone Ecoboost ECU - 2.3L

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Standalone Ecoboost ECU

This is a brand new Ford PCM/ECU/ECM programmed to run stand alone.  

This will allow you to run your engine without the need for the other OEM components such as the Key, Dash, BCM, ABS, Steering Control, HVAC, and Fuel Control Module.  

Our ECUs are programmed just like the Ford Performance Control Pack ECUs.  These can be easily tuned by any OEM reflashing software such as COBB, HPTuners, and many more.  In some high-demand cases, we will need to ship a remanufactured ECU instead.  In any case, we guarantee the ECU will function as new.

If you're using COBB, you will need the Ford Performance version of the AccessPORT, NOT an AP meant for a Mustang or Focus.  You can purchase one HERE.

If you are building a new wiring harness or modifying an existing Ecoboost wiring harness, we can provide you all of the wiring documentation you might need.  Our OEM wiring harness products are designed around these ECU connectors.

The 2.0L version of this ECU is loacted HERE.  We can program these ECUs to run any 2.0L or 2.3L Ecoboost engine.  We can make any tuning changes you might need before shipping, or, your tuner can easily make whatever changes are necessary.